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A story series for the entire family.
Publish America has picked up the condensed revised Megan Martin - Medallion Mystery.  While they promised they would help place these novels into bookstores nation wide they didn't explain how.  Their plan is to make the author pay to have books placed in any individual store.  Then they priced the novels at $25 each and refused to send the first two boxes we ordered.

After a year of Emailing and calling them then finally writing a certified letter to their CEO they finally decided to send the books.  Then they raised the price to $30 each!  Point is if bookstores don't have the books they can't sell them and if they don't sell neither them or us make any money and our readers do without.  Can't help but ask what's wrong with corporate America?  Are the CEOs gobbling up all the money and running their businesses into the ground?  It doesn't take a rocket scientists to know if you don't sell the product you don't make any money.

We currently have two boxes of these novels and we are selling them here at half what the publisher charged us so get them while they last.  See the news page for more information.

It is not powered by witchcraft.

In a time when our news is filled with war and terrorism from radical religious groups who would like nothing more than to see the greatest country on earth fall.  (They hate this wonderful country and can't wait to move here and start wrecking things for us!) Children and parents alike are having political correctness, concepts of a world wide religion without God, and pagan witchcraft shoved at them on TV, in movies and novels.  It's about time we had a choice.  And now you do.

This novel series IS NOT a warm fuzzy story about teenage girls and their romances.   Megan and her friends solve mysteries, hunt ghosts, take on demons, murderers, the corporate corrupt, and even the bad boys at Area 51.  They travel to a prehistoric world and rescue a little alien woman named Xeba from a dinosaur.  They explore the passages of a great and mysterious pyramid to solve the mystery of a people's past.  In novel #6 "Dark Matter" They must prevent the scientists of S4 near Area 51 from blowing the world up.  Then they must make a deep space delivery of alien dark matter weapons to an alien battle fleet to prevent an alien invasion from another galaxy.  It's fun, it's an exciting adventure, don't miss it!

We also have an on line store. You can buy your autographed novels from the author from this website!  See the link below the cover graphic on the left!

"The Underworld" screenplay is complete.
The screenplay is renamed "Project Fallen Angel."
The first Ember Reign novel is complete.
The second Ember Reign novel is complete.
The third Ember Reign novel is being written.

There are no book signings for this series.
Thank you.

Before the talking Kit car in "Knight Rider" and before the flying cars Bryon Smith was casually writing science fiction, with a flying talking car and a lot more.  Before "Super Bike" Bryon all ready had one on the pages of a hand written manuscript.  He had stealth submarines that looked and swam like huge sharks, whales and Orca.  A city within a mountain and another beneath the ocean's floor.  Even an island with android merpeople farming the ocean floor and android robotic dolphins who patrolled the oceans.  A colony of humans who moved to a planet light-years away and began the colonization of a new world.  But none of these were ever publish.  Perhaps one day they will be.

Finally after years of doing other things his daughter Laura inspired him to write the first of this wonderful science fiction series.  Now you can enjoy the work of this talented novelist.
The novels are out of print but we still have some in stock.  Chats with the author and characters have ended.

Check the news page for more information about the rewrite of these novels.

After receiving numerous contacts from disappointed fans we have begun reediting the series to see about getting them back into print.  If this happens there's a very good chance the seventh novel will be written concluding the entire series.

The rewrite of these novels ended up being more than a little rewrite, it ended up being a series of it's own titled "Ember Reign."  In this series Megan and her friends are 2 years older in the first novel and it goes from there.  In the original I intended to give Megan the silver and gold jewels in the last novel of the series.  In Ember Reign I give her the silver and gold jewels and Orion in the first novel.  You can imagine the difference that makes to the entire novel series.

Now you can listen to the KFSA radio show on line! Also linked from the adventures page of this website.

Our last radio interview includes Kristy "Brianna."

Pictures of events can now be seen on our adventures webpage.

Check out the Author's Den by clicking on their logo below.  It's free for readers and a good deal for authors.  The Author's Den brings readers and authors together.  You will find my novels listed there and Excerpts from those novels that are not posted on this website.

Megan didn't know what would happen the first time she used the silver jewel in her crown.  Now she's half human, half angel and totally awesome!  The problem is saving humanity wasn't on her 'to do' list.  Now all she wants is to get her life back.
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